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Get the complete guide to building a surface design business, taught by the leading industry experts.


It's your chance to learn from 30 years of industry experience.

If you're ready to turn your passion for design into a successful business, this is the course for you.

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Building a surface design business is tough.

It's competitive and time-consuming. And if you're creative, it might not come naturally to view things from a business perspective. 

Like many of our students you might question how to make a fulltime wage out of design. Or wonder if your work is even good enough to monetise on a global scale.

The truth is, if you don’t learn the actual steps needed to run a profitable business, your #sidehustle will remain just that, on the side. 


Here at Longina Phillips Designs we’re passionate about helping designers of all levels demystify the business side of design and gain much-needed confidence, whilst fast-tracking your design career.    

If you’re ready to turn your love of design into a successful business, then let us show you the exact steps that we use to this day. 

For the first time ever...

We’ll hold your hand and take you inside the fabulous world of the Longina Phillips Design studio where we share with you the insider success secrets that we’ve never shared before.

The Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers will give you clarity and focus by teaching the exact steps needed to build a successful business, so you’re not wasting time on unproductive tasks. 

This is unlike every other surface design course out there.  It will help you go from a struggling and stressed out hobbyist to a confident creative entrepreneur, using the exact strategies that have made LPD one of the longest-running design studios in the world.

Combined with the insider knowledge of one of the most trusted and experienced design studios in the world, to help you monetise quickly and confidently. 

Let us show you what’s waiting for you when you join the Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers.

There are 5 business-building modules with a total of

  • 27 videos
  • an accompanying workbook for each lesson. 
  • Available on our custom-built online platform, accessible 24/7 from a phone or a desktop.
  • Each video is under 20 minutes - easy to fit around your existing commitments. 

Ok, so how much is my investment?

Here’s the thing, we’ve had people asking us for YEARS to teach them exactly what makes LPD the Industry leaders for 30 years, and how we’ve been able to work with your favourite brands like Givenchy, Zara and Ralph Lauren.

To be honest we’ve been doubtful about whether we really want to share this information at all.  After all, it's the exact processes that we still use to this very day.

But what we love most, is helping the next generation of designers to live out their design dream. So we’ve decided to share this previously money-can’t-buy info at a price that we hope that most designers will be able to afford, without diminishing our own 30 years of hard work.

So if you’re reading this page right now, it means you have access to this special one-time-only price.  As this is the first time we’re running it, we’ve made the price as affordable as we can.

This is the kind of investment that will reward you for years to come as you build your own successful design business. 

"Being self-taught I've always been on the hunt for courses that can help me advance my skills, taking The Print School course felt like hitting jackpot.  Seeing my results is rewarding, and absolutely worth the investment." Ester C. Brooklyn NY

"I highly recommend the team at Longina Phillips, I have worked with many of the team for nearly 15 years.  They are so wonderful to work with and always go the extra mile to help you find what you are looking for. Their response time and flexibility have provided us with peace of mind in knowing we have a dedicated team who are always happy to assist with any last-minute print needs.  The trend turnaround is so fast you always know you are buying the hottest prints straight from the runway. The women at Longina Phillips are so talented, professional, creative and so much more. We are consistently blown away by their work and professionalism.  We can’t recommend Longina Phillips enough!"


So why should you learn how to build a profitable surface design business from us?


  • There is simply no one else in the entire world who has reached the levels of our success that is now teaching the next generation.


  • The Longina Phillips design studio sells to over 200 clients across 35 countries spanning every corner of the globe. 


  • Our designs sell to all of your favourite brands including fashion brands like Prabal Gurung and Givenchy, Home and Lifestyle brands like Anthropologie and Sheridan and so many more.


  • Our designs have been showcased on every catwalk around the world from Paris to New York, London to Sydney.


  • We’ve had our prints photographed for the cover of Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, and we’ve spotted everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Miranda Kerr wearing our florals. 


  • As one of the top 5 working textile studios in the world, we’ve curated a global team of the very best industry experts.  Your instructors bring with them decades of print, design, art, sales, marketing, and business knowledge providing you with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best.


  • And the best part is, we started exactly where you are today. LPD was started by our fearless founder Lola in 1998, with one computer, a whole lot of vision and a ferocious passion for print. 


  • Speaking of Lola, did you know that when you join The Print School she 'links' with you in Linkedin?  Yep, a lifeline to the big boss herself!


So if that’s where you are now, then you should join us inside of the Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers and let us help you become the next design sensation.


Want to hear from our Print School Alumni? We can’t wait to welcome you to the ever-so-stylish family. 

Put your mind at rest with a money-back guarantee.

Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment.

We know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work and that they have the power to transform your love of surface design into a professional business. We want you to feel really good about making this investment in yourself and your future. 

That’s why we offer a 30-day 'Do The Work' money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are in the quality of this program. 

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"I had been struggling to find this information, so I was delighted when the Longina Phillips Print School course was released, and it didn’t disappoint. The course was comprehensive and included lots of insider tips that just aren’t available anywhere else. Plus, having the hard copy course guide as well as the videos was great, because after watching the video I can now mostly just use my printed guide when I’m not sure how to do something. But I think the best thing has been the exclusive member only Facebook group where I can get expert answers on any technical questions that crop up from time to time. The course has definitely expanded my skills and made me a better surface pattern designer." Julie Bunyard, Tasmania

"This is a rare opportunity that allowed me to peek over the shoulder of some of the ultra talented Longina Phillips Studio designers. Learning their workflow has been a true levelling up of skills for me."  Kelly Lahl, Wiscounsin, USA

"Being industry run is what sets these classes apart.  They give you a real insight into how a textile design studio works." Danielle

Did we mention you’re graduating with an Industry Recognised Certificate of  Surface Design?

Have a question? Here are the most common answers:

Here's what you'll be getting when you join us in the Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers.

✓ CONTENT this is the actual stuff you need to work successfully in the Industry.  

There are 27 lessons across 5 modules, delivered via videos and templates, that you can go back to again and again. 

(Value $10,000)


✓BONUSES: Our supportive community combined with our done-for-you templates will help you build a professional brand that will drive customers to you.  

(Value $3,000) 


✓FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS: Our monthly live coaching calls where you get direct access to the Longina Phillips studio will ensure you fast track your business success while helping you to avoid the common pitfalls that new designers face when building a profitable business. 

(Value Priceless) 


✓PROVEN STRATEGIES TAUGHT BY LEADING INDUSTRY EXPERTS: The most important thing for us is that we’ve been in your shoes, and we know exactly what you need to succeed. 

(Value $3,000)


✓CONFIDENCE & MOMENTUM: You will be amazed at what you can achieve, the abundance you can create, and the incredible changes it will bring to your business and your life.  

(Value: Priceless) 


✓INDUSTRY RECOGNISED CERTIFICATION: All of this in addition to graduating with an Industry Recognized certificate of professional surface design.

(Value: The Sky's the Limit!) 




It's time to stop postponing your success and start taking action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want. 

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re waking up every day, excited at the prospects that lie ahead! Just like our Print School students:

Rebecca Oaks

"Before I started using the courses I was very much winging it. Now I feel like I can create what I have in my mind rather than being limited to what I can actually achieve. I have confidence and clarity when designing."

Maria Hopgood

​​"There has been so little online which trains textile designers for industry, particularly for freelancers. It is such a positive move for your company to make the Courses it does come across really professional and you have thought of all the detail of different steps."


"The instructors were fantastic- so supportive, welcoming, helpful and kind."




"One thing as a designer you should do is never stop learning!  I am a professional freelancer, but i purchased the LPD training videos as i wanted to learn and refine my skills.  The courses at LPD are the best, you will not find better out there." 


If you already know that you want to turn your design dreams into your big business goals then the choice is obvious to join us inside of the Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers and start your transformation to becoming the successful Surface Design CEO that you know you are meant to be.

But choose quickly, the doors to this limited first time only offer are closing soon, on the 31st October 2021 to be exact.

We know how long you’ve been waiting for this program, so we wanted to give back to our biggest supporter, you, with a special first-time-only price that secures over 30 years of knowledge, wisdom and insight for a very special price. 

We’re not sure when we’re opening the doors again, and we’re certain it will never be at this price again.

Join us now and turn your design dreams into big business reality.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the ever so stylish family.