The Ultimate Handbook for Surface Pattern Designers

Learn the exact skills you need to have a globally successful career as a surface designer

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  • Discover exactly how to land your dream job with our Ultimate Portfolio checklist

  • Get the inside scoop on how the Longina Phillips Design studio rescues a failing design

  • Learn the 8 x R-Rated, Dirty Design Mistakes that will have your clients giggling into their Lattes


Longina Phillips is loved and used by:

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Whether you're just starting out, you're already designing for a living or you're ready to see your work on the global stage, this Ultimate Handbook gives you the exact blueprint that we use everyday in the Longina Phillips Design studio.  


Imagine how you'll feel when you're waking up every day, excited at the prospects that lie ahead! Just like our Print School students:


Rebecca Oaks:
"Now I feel like I can create what i have in my mind, rather than being limited to what I can actually achieve.  I have confidence and clarity when designing."
Maria Hopgood
"There has been so little online which trains textile designers for industry, particularly for freelancers.  It is such a positive move for your company to make the Courses and content it does come across really professional and you have thought of all the detail of different steps."
"One thing as a designer you should do is never stop learning! I am a professional freelancer, but I wanted to learn and refine my skills.  The team at Longina Phillips Designs are the best, you will not find better out there."