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So when you say you want to build a global career in surface pattern design, create an arresting signature style with market cut-through or take charge and lead as a creative dynamo, we say… sure. Let’s make everything you can imagine, real.


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We pair creative design skills with commercial savvy, so great things can happen.


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Courses that are a cut above


Want to create Givenchy-worthy fabric design or surface patterns that make a splash with Seafolly? Yep, we’ve been there, done that. Whether you’re just starting out or you have runs on the board and it’s time to step up, learn the skills you need to carve out the career you’ve been dreaming of.


See what our courses can do for you 

✔️  Learn how to back yourself and propel your career forward


✔️  Turn your hobby into dollars and take your passion to the bank


✔️  Expand your skillset and grow your business


✔️  Hone your technique and charge more for what you do


✔️  Produce more eye-catching results, faster


✔️  Gain industry insights and deliver value to your workplace

✔️  Get a creative supercharge and hit your commercial goals


✔️  Learn faster than on-the-job training


✔️  Get instant feedback from working textile designers


✔️  Build connections with a community of creatives


✔️  Create with confidence and build a global career


✔️  Take charge, influence and lead


We teach what matters, we keep it real and we make it fun. And the experience we give our students is second-to-none. Because that’s what happens when you love what you do.


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Drawing + Painting Courses 


Take out the labour and put back the love when it comes to your watercolour blooms.



Uplevel your linework with simple stationery swaps and game-changing techniques.  



Create three signature tropical leaves to use over and over in your designs.



Paint a convincing rose with our steps on applying flat, tonal layers of gouache.  



Perfect your paisleys with this all-in-one course for surface print pattern designers.


Photoshop Courses


Create a commercial, production-ready print in Photoshop, using your own watercolour motifs.



Scan, separate, colour, design and create a repeating pattern in Photoshop.



Put your painted rose elements into a pretty digital print design with multiple colourways.



Up your productivity and learn time-saving hacks.



Perfect your paisleys with this all-in-one course for surface print pattern designers.


Ready to go where your creativity is taking you? Let us help you get there quicker.   

✓   Process

Tips and tricks to plan and execute your artwork like a pro.

✓   Techniques

Master your tools and give your designs the boost they need to stand out in the market.

✓   Styles

Supercharge your creativity and learn how to compose beautiful designs with a wide appeal.

✓   Knowledge

From spotting trends to understanding commercial textile production, get insider knowledge for global industry experts.

✓  Finish

Level up your finished designs and produce industry-standard artworks ready for production.

✓   Speed

Skill up and learn time-saving hacks to keep your creative wheels turning.

Let's do it.

Your greatest creation is you.  It's time to shine.

We think what you’ll learn with us is worth its weight in gold. But we also understand it’s a tough job market, and sometimes just having the skills isn’t enough. That’s why we offer you a commercial certification after completing the course to show you graduated. Just BYO cap and gown.

We do every little bit we can to help you, so as part of The Print School family you can access discounts and special offers from our partners.  Click to read more...

 We’ve been through the highs and lows of textile design for 30 years now – and we know the creative process can be hard.


We know what it’s like to work under pressure. We know what it’s like to feel creatively stretcccchhhhed. And we know what it’s like to have big ambitions.


From hand painting to Photoshop print design, we want you to feel the joy of creating for a living. So we’re here to make it simple.


  • We’re real, working textile designers here to champion you and answer your questions.


  • We offer warm and friendly support (with a healthy dose of tough love when needed) to guide you on your path.


  • We give you lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace (and go back and do it again whenever you need).
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Happiness, guaranteed

We can’t imagine you being anything but thrilled with our courses, so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Love it or it’s 100% free.

Nothing makes us happier than a happy student.  Here's what our graduates have to say:

"I studied design for five years and am working as a textile designer...

but 3 Leaves, 10 ways gave me shortcuts and tricks that have sped up my design process. The tips were very helpful when working with specific clients." 

Becky, Sydney

"When I stopped studying it didn't mean I wanted to stop learning!

So I took it upon myself to keep expanding my design skills. This included buying multiple Longina Phillips [The Print School] courses as they were so good and addictive! 

They've brought out a great confidence in myself and expanded my design skills in new and exciting ways that I didn't know I had in me. All it took was these courses to unlock this creativity and passion."

Caitlan, Sydney

"I have been interested in learning this painting technique for a while and am so happy I found this course!

What I loved about Gouache Roses for Textiles was the real-time painting videos along with the commentary which clearly explained where and how to place different tones on the flower to create dimension."

Imelda, Los Angeles

"The teachers are really clear, friendly and talented! I've thoroughly enjoyed learning new drawing styles to add to my portfolio.

Floral Illustration for Textile Design is a fantastic course with great content from the workbook full of useful information with recommendations on tools and resources, a variety of illustration techniques and the video tutorials." 

Jess, London

"I had been struggling to find this information...

so I was delighted when Photoshop for Textile Design: Illustration was released, and it didn't disappoint. The course was comprehensive and included lots of insider tips that just aren't available anywhere else. The course has definitely expanded my skills and made me a better surface pattern designer." 

Julie, Hobart


Senior Designer

With nine years of industry experience, Charis studied Fashion and Textile Design at Uni before moving to the US to join the fashion teams of two behemoth retailers. Charis knows how to make designs that sell, sell, sell.


Master Painter

Zoom has been with the LPD studio for 25 years. He understands the full circle of design like no one else. Originally from Shanghai, he trained in the traditional gouache application for textiles before working at Chinese printing mills and moving to Australia.


Senior Designer

Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for more than 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design.

Creativity can take you anywhere. 

We'll help point you in the right direction.


Watercolor specialist

Angela is a watercolour specialist and has worked at Longina Phillips Designs for nearly 20 years. She produces beautiful, loose florals that sometimes verge on the abstract. She’s also a dab hand at adorable animals, infant prints and stripes.


Illustrator and designer

Bella trained in Shanghai before coming to do an internship with LPD. Here her natural talents blossomed and she became one of our best designers.  After 8 years Bella moved to try her hand at bedlinen and is now at Sheridan Australia.


Illustrator and designer

Edith Rewa has become a very well known illustrator, but many dont know that she came to LPD straight out of art school.  Her fine workmanship brought a new dimension to our work and we will forever miss the most genuine and talented Edie.


Illustrator and designer

Jenny has worked in the fashion textile industry for five years. Her background is in graphics and fine arts and she painted in Paris for a time. Jenny as always had a passion for design.

Bec, Sara, Lyndsay, Erin...

Our team is pretty big (we could list everyone here but you'd be scrolling forever!)

But basically, these guys are the producers, directors, scriptwriters, editors, course planners and the list goes on.

Longina Phillips is loved and used by...

We're the only School in the world that is used by Industry Leaders

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