Stuck for ideas? Feeling blah about your work?


We’ve all been there! Staring at a blank page and wishing you had the skill (and the time!) to create beautiful art like the professionals.

You know what great design looks like; all you need is a little help in creating it.


That’s where we come in! 

With our Ultimate Motif Packs for Surface Designers you can finish your design (fast!) with ready-made elements hand-painted by Longina Phillips' design professionals. 

Whether you’re designing for homewares, packaging, textiles or everything in between, with these ready-made elements you can go from blank page to breathtaking designs within minutes.

How it Works


58 hand-painted tropical motifs


Think 70's style Hawaiian flowers and gorgeous leaves mixed with strelitzia flowers, all hand-painted in gouache by our talented in house artists.

This pack of hand-painted motifs gives us a really vintage Hawaiian shirt vibe. The amazing detail our in-house artist has achieved is really beautiful and makes us want a cool beverage right now!



41 beautifully illustrated flowers and leaves

Beautifully illustrated leaves sit alongside incredibly detailed orchids, camelias and floral stems in this pack. Big hero blooms, meet large floral elements and feature some of the floral world’s heaviest hitters including dahlias, orchids, peonies and chrysanthemums


From thick heavy lines to incredibly detailed fine pen shading to create a really rare look. All of these motifs have been painstakingly drawn and shaded with detail to provide depth.



72 hand painted peonies and roses

Not just another peony or rose! These are super special hand painted peony flowers and divine roses that took 10 hours to create. The depth of detail in these wonderful paintings is truly breathtaking and we hope you enjoy using it.

A cluster of hand painted poppies that bend and sway in the wind, traditional roses and wonderful watercolour rosebuds - each bud unique in its nature. 

Use them individually or together to create your own composition, each flower is unique in its detailing and colouration.


What Our Customers Say

"Designs that get me noticed.  I get so excited when I work with your unique and original images for my marketing collateral. You’ll always be my first stop.

Ps. Love that you’re supporting Australian artists too."  Laelene, Marketing, Sydney

"I had a major deadline for a client, I found the perfect artwork, downloaded it and put it into our selling guides all within the afternoon.  We got the sale!"  Angela, UK

"Squeal!  The most stylish invitations for my mother’s birthday were created by me (with your help – shhh), and they were a massive hit! Smiles all around. Thanks for making me the best daughter ever!" Ariane, Sydney

So why should you use our motifs? 


The Longina Phillips design studio sells to over 2000 clients across 35 countries spanning every corner of the globe. 


Our designs sell to all of your favourite brands, including fashion brands like Prabal Gurung and Givenchy, Home and Lifestyle brands like Anthropologie and H&M, and paper goods like Papyrus and The Study Collective.


With these motifs you’ll be accessing 30 years of knowledge and our innovative trend-setting creative direction to put your design in the spotlight. 

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