5 Reasons You Can't Miss Our New Business Course

business tips Oct 15, 2021

Words by Lyndsay, Creative Lead and Senior Designer.

Ready to turn your passion for design from a side-hustle into a successful business? We’ve got an unmissable opportunity for you. For the first time ever, we’re sharing the exact steps we took to build Longina Phillips Designs into the world-leading studio it is today in our brand new course, Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers.

We’ve got a wealth of knowledge to share when it comes to the business of working in surface design. Whether it’s building a brand name, working across markets as a freelancer, or connecting with agents - we’ve been there and done that. We’re committed to helping the next generation of designers live out their design dreams, so read on for 5 reasons why you can’t miss out on our brand new course

1. Get taught by leading industry experts.

Here’s the big one - this course will give you access to the exact strategies that have made Longina Phillips Designs one of the longest-running design studios in the world. With 30+ years of experience behind us, we’ve learned how to run a profitable business the hard way. Now we’re sharing our methods so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes. This is your chance to learn directly from our world-class team!

Our founder Lola built the business from scratch, and her tenacious nature and ability to dynamically diversify over the years has led Longina Phillips Designs to become the industry-leading behemoth it is today.  Lola originally came to Australia from Poland as a refugee and credits her drive and inventive disposition to these early challenges. She studied Graphic Design before following her passion for textile design and founding the Longina Phillips Design studio in 1988 - and hasn’t looked back since! Under her masterful direction, the studio has thrived and grown to become an internationally renowned name in the textile industry. Not to mention the other two powerhouses who run the business; Creative Director, Bec, and Head of Design, Sara, as well as the wealth of other talents that LPD employs.

2. It’s uniquely for surface design.

Surface design is a niche industry. Sure, you can Google “how to start a business” and find plenty of options. But if you want guidance that is specifically tailored to the intricate needs of our industry you’re going to struggle. We think our new course is so one-of-a-kind.  It will give you answers to questions like;

  • How do I sell my work?
  • What are the legal and copyright considerations for this industry?
  • How can I curate a design collection?
  • How do you build and nurture lasting relationships with customers?

And many more!

3. Boost your confidence and get personalized coaching.

Got mad surface design skills but have literally no idea how to make money doing it? You’re not alone. We truly believe that anyone can be a confident creative entrepreneur, and with this course, we’re right by your side as we guide you step-by-step all the way.

When you enroll, you get an exclusive invite to the group live coaching call every single month for six months.  You can ask us your questions and get much-needed, super valuable feedback on your work. You’ll also gain lifetime access to our private online community of design besties to support you through the process.

This type of hands-on access to both our team and a growing network of peers is a one-of-a-kind, invaluable opportunity if you want to build a successful surface design business.

 4. Define your brand and find your signature style.

It may be a niche industry, but there are a lot of designers out there. You’ll need to set yourself apart from the crowd if you want to win clients and make an income. Want to know how to create an irresistible brand that showcases your unique personality and makes competition irrelevant? This is the course for you. You’ll learn how to identify your strengths and creative individuality to build an authentic and unique brand identity.

As well as this, we delve into how to transform your beautiful artwork into an entire collection of sale-worthy designs that will keep your customer coming back for more.


5. Save time so you can monetize quickly and confidently.

Hate wasting your time? We do too. Starting a business is competitive and time-consuming. Our course will give you clarity and focus by teaching the exact steps needed to build a successful business, so you don't waste your time on unproductive tasks.

You’ll get access to our bonus pre-made document templates, cheat sheets, and scripts. These are the exact files that the LPD team uses in our business, and they took us many years (and dollars!) to perfect.

So what are you waiting for?!

We’re on a mission to demystify the business side of our industry so that making a living from what you love doing is an accessible dream for everyone.

Join us at The Print School and sign up to our waitlist for our 2022 class for our one-of-a-kind course: Comprehensive Business Builder for Surface Designers .

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