My Design Journey: Kate Eldridge

my design journey Mar 03, 2022

Meet Kate. She's a San-Fran based floral enthusiast, working her way towards full time print design one painting at a time.

It's been quite the journey to get here!

I originally studied fashion design at Northumbria University in the UK and worked in the fashion industry as a designer for about nine years.

I've worked for quite a few brands from Anthropologie to GAP

focusing on womenswear. I loved working with trends and seeing how those trends can be translated into something that works for that particular brand. It's always exciting to see your designs in store!

As far back as I can remember I've always been a painter

and very nearly studied Illustration! Most of my illustrations were fashion-focused which is what led me into the industry.

Working in the fashion industry I always worked very closely with the print designers and loved what they did, so I made the decision to gradually transition over and could not be happier!

As I try out new mediums and use different inspiration when I paint this has definitely pushed my designs in one direction or another. I love how just using a different medium can really make a design feel perfect for a particular market or trend.

I find paisley and Indian florals fascinating!

I love the intricate details and surreal elements, I also find the history behind them so interesting. I love the fact they have such a rich history and how they're still just as popular today as when they were first created. I always imagine my paisleys on a romantic maxi dress or bohemian blouse!

I still work as a fashion designer as I'm transitioning over to freelancing print design full time. It's pretty busy balancing at the moment! I typically work a few days fashion designing, then balance of the week print designing. I like to organise my days in advance so I know if I'm painting all day, editing & patterns or design work.

I'm now based in San Francisco painting florals most days

I grew up in England so California always feels completely new and exciting to me.  There's so many parks and hiking trails it's really hard not to be inspired by the nature surrounding me!

So creating flowers for fabric design really couldn't be a better fit for me. I can't wait until I'm living my dream of doing it full time, all the time.

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