for Surface Pattern Designers


Master tricky color combinations and learn all the shortcuts to achieve beautifully colored designs in Photoshop. 


Have you ever stared at your design and knew it wasn’t working, but couldn’t quite figure out why? 


Have you ever wondered why wearing your favourite color makes you feel confident? 


Color plays such a huge role in all areas of design, but until now, there hasn’t been a lot of training specifically for the surface design industry. 


As Surface Designers, we know that colors don’t always crossover markets.  Think of the colors you would use to design bed linen, would you ever translate that to a bikini?

That’s why we created the Color Theory and Photoshop for Surface Designers course.

This course teaches you our own industry-specific, in-depth knowledge of color theory, creating winning palettes, color application in various markets, and editing skills that will make your designs top sellers. 


Using our wealth of knowledge gained from over thirty years in the industry, designing for everything from vibrant swimwear to sophisticated runway apparel or stationary goods, we’ll walk you through all the essential rules of color, as well as how to edit your designs when your colors fall flat, and best practices for color usage in the industry.


By the end of this course, you will also have developed a strong understanding of how color varies in different markets and territories, as well as how it can impact our emotions, and a whole lot more.

"Colour is one of the most challenging parts of creating a stunning and appealing design. There are lots of color theory courses out there, but nothing like this one. With this color course I was capable to understand not only how color influence people and their fashion choices, but also how to create palettes, harmonies and color distributions having in mind the market I’m designing for. On the other hand, the tools and tricks I learned in order to optimize my colorway creation and protect the quality of my illustrations were amazing. Really helpful."

Estefania, Columbia


This course will help you to build your color awareness and understanding, as well as refine your designer's eye, helping to propel your collection to the next level.


If you’re a surface designer who wants to master your color combinations, learn advanced color for Photoshop and create the perfect print for your market, then this is the course for you.


Taught by a leading Surface Design studio for the next generation of Surface Designers. 

Let us show you what’s waiting for you when you join the COLOR THEORY AND PHOTOSHOP FOR SURFACE PATTERN DESIGNERS


*There are 5 modules and 21 lessons, with a video accompanying each lesson and a 108-page workbook filled with design prompts, homework and top tips for you to save.  


*The lessons are available on our custom-built online platform, which you can access 24/7 from a phone or a desktop.  


*Most videos are no longer than 20 minutes so you can easily fit this in around your existing commitments.  



Understand color harmony and discord and discover the “Surface Designers way” for color proportion and distribution 


Discover our Color Equations - the mathematical way we can tell if a colour combo is working or not 


Ditch the “old color rules” and learn the new rules to color combinations that our International clients are loving.

"I can't imagine why anyone would NOT want to learn trend research from you! For one...trend research is important in designing and two... we would be learning from EXPERTS (Longina Phillips team) in the field!"

Tessa, USA





Understand the most commercial, up-to-date color information when designing for four main market segments. 


Get insider info on what your buyer is specifically looking for, including 13 areas in apparel, 

9 areas for kidswear and youth, 7 areas for swim and 11 areas for homewares.


Not feeling the latest forecasted colours? Here’s exactly what you should do in order to make sales anyway. 

"I knew I was interested in textile design but I found it difficult to find the resources to learn about it.  It seemed all of the resources I could find online were using Illustrator.  I even did hours long in-depth courses on using photoshop but they were tailored to photographers so I still felt something was missing

I was very happy to have found The Print School because the courses specialise in surface pattern design for fashion in Photoshop.  I know doing The Print School courses I'm learning the industry standards."




Our insider tips to creating color mood boards that will translate to saleable designs using both free and paid forecasting sites. 


Learn the 4-step signature Longina Phillips process that we use in-house to go from an inspired mood board to a color palette your clients will love.


Discover the analysis we perform and the process we go through to decide if our color palette is “right”. 

"My favorite module was module three: Colour Palettes. It made me be conscious about colour in my context and use it as a source of inspiration. Building my own colour palette inspiration for my moodboard was amazing!

 Now, after the course, I feel more confident about my colour choices, talking about palettes, light and harmonies. I’m looking at colour in a more professional way."

Juliana, Columbia



Learn an in-depth ‘how to’ for each essential tool you’ll need to master in order to make successful color edits to all of your designs. 


Develop and build your “Designers eye” for color that will take your design collection to the next level


Learn color editing scenarios that we do every day in the studio including how to edit a 10-color screen printable design for apparel, how to change a color separation plus how to change a digital print. 


(NOTE: the info in this module alone is worth more than the cost of this whole course!) 

"This is a rare opportunity that allowed me to peek over the shoulder of some of the ultra-talented Longina Phillips Studio designers. Learning their workflow has been a true levelling up of skills for me."

Kelly Lahl



Learn the time-saving hacks to create colorways for multiple markets and discover the four ‘top tips’ for a cheats way of doing color


How to tell if you have a ‘bad’ or ‘failing’ colorway and the steps you can go through to fix your work


Learn the failsafe ways to work with clients from interpreting briefs to gently guiding them towards more harmonious choices. 

"With any creative project in photoshop, there are always multiple ways of arriving at the same end result and their step by step guide streamlines this process. Their insider tips gleaned from their entire team are valuable tricks of the trade- many of which can be applied to other design/graphic/fashion-related projects."




The 21 lessons and the 108-page workbook in the Color Theory and Photoshop for Surface Design course are a powerful and comprehensive journey into all things color, but that’s only the beginning!

When you join us inside you also get these additional bonuses:

BONUS #1: Our Private Community of Design Besties ($ 199)

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the talented world of professional working designers? 

Be inspired every day by people who are creating beautiful art in the world and see just where your future is headed, thanks to the most supportive community of designers you will find online.

BONUS #2: Secret Pinterest Boards ($ 299)

Personally curated by our Creative Director Bec, similar to what she creates for our professional designers at Longina Phillips studio: 

  1. color theory around the world - Travel the globe as we dissect the color trends and patterns across 6 prominent design regions. 

  2. color through the ages - Discover the evolution of color across 14 eras from the ancients to 2000’s.  


  1. color in action - Get an inside look at the colors we DO and DON’T love across different markets


We personally speak to hundreds of clients every day across multiple regions and multiple markets.

Plus we’ve secured the best design agents all over the globe to sell our designs for us. 

So trust us when we say: we know what works when it comes to color and surface design.



Two Payments

$180 USD

budget friendly

Access the first half now and the second half in 4 weeks.

  • 3 modules now 
  • a further 2 modules delivered in one month on your second payment.  
  • Same great content as Full Fee delivered in two more affordable sections.

Full Fee

$345 USD

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Access the entire course


  • 5 modules, 21 lessons
  •  lessons are shown on video with an accompanying 108 page workbook
  • Access your course 24/7 from a phone or desktop

So why should you learn color theory and photoshop for surface design with us? 

There is simply no one else in the entire world who has reached our success levels that is now teaching the next generation.

The Longina Phillips design studio sells to over 2000 clients across 35 countries spanning every corner of the globe.

Our designs sell to all of your favourite brands, including fashion brands like Prabal Gurung and Givenchy, Home and Lifestyle brands like Anthropologie and H&M, and paper goods like Papyrus and The Study Collective.

Our designs have been showcased on every catwalk worldwide from Paris to New York, London to Sydney. 



We’ve had our prints photographed for the cover of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, and we’ve spotted everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Miranda Kerr wearing our florals.  

Plus you’ve seen our designs, they’re really breathtaking! So if you want to learn how we do it, then come and join us! 



A word about your inspiring mentors in this course:

"Hi, I'm Bec, Creative Director of Longina Phillips Designs and The Print School. 

I have a background in fashion, working for swimwear, women’s and kids apparel companies before discovering textile design at LPD.   As Creative Director, I deal with both clients and designers daily.  This has taught me a great deal, hearing it ‘directly from the horse's mouth” so to speak, has been like a secret insider peek at how product developers view and use color.  And then seeing it from our designer's point of view has helped me to verbalise and teach them how to use color in Textile design.

color inspires me every day.  It's one of my favourite parts of the job."


"Hey everyone, my name is Lyndsay and I’m a Creative Lead and Senior Designer here at Longina Phillips Design where I’ve been working for the last four and half years. 

My own understanding of the impact of color in design started with my experiences at home in the UK creating patterns for fashion, interiors, architecture, and public spaces like schools and healthcare facilities. This taught me to delve deeper into color theory and the important and powerful effect color choice in our surroundings can have upon our emotions.

As well as this, coming from Scotland to sunny Australia had a profound effect on my sense of color in design - needless to say, the color requirements of the UK market and the Australian market are entirely different! I had also never designed for Swim before LPD, so it was a really interesting development of my skills to learn about this and start to explore exciting new color palettes."

Want to hear from our Print School Alumni? 

"Longina Phillips courses are insightful and technically rich. You gain great insights and a wide ranging view of the tasks that textile designers undertake on a daily basis in the studio." Andrea

"I love Longina Phillips, it's a great design studio, great classes, you can ask for help anytime and they are always posting great tips to help you in your design journey. I would highly recommend them" Mary C

"Amazing courses! They’ve given me more confidence in my designing." Ineke


Your Happiness Guarantee is a 100% risk-free investment.

We know that the techniques you’ll learn in this program work and we want you to feel really good about making this investment in yourself and your future. 

That’s why we offer a 30-day 'Do The Work' money-back guarantee. That’s how confident we are in the quality of this program. So if you submit your homework from Module 4, and you don’t think this has been value for money, then we’ll happily refund your payments.





Did we mention you’re graduating with an Industry recognised color Theory and Photoshop for Surface Design certificate?




Have a question? Here are the most common answers:

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re turning those creative ideas into breathtaking designs! Just like our Print School students:


"My experience in Print School so far has been fantastic. More than any other training I've taken, yours are the ones that have elevated my skills to a more professional level. I've purchased every one of your courses so far."


"I LOVE my classes!!! They have really sparked something in me that I thought I had lost. Thank you so much for everything :)"


"Before I started using the courses I was very much winging it. Now I feel like I can create what I have in my mind rather than being limited to what I can actually achieve. I have confidence and clarity when designing"


"I had been struggling to find this information, so I was delighted when the Longina Phillips Print School course was released, and it didn’t disappoint. The course was comprehensive and included lots of insider tips that just aren’t available anywhere else. Plus, having the hard copy course guide as well as the videos was great, because after watching the video I can now mostly just use my printed guide when I’m not sure how to do something. But I think the best thing has been the exclusive member only Facebook group where I can get expert answers on any technical questions that crop up from time to time. The course has definitely expanded my skills and made me a better surface pattern designer."



We know first-hand the impact that color has on design, and how important it is to apply the right use of color for the right Surface Design market. 


We also know how time-consuming Photoshop can be especially when you’re on a deadline with a client.  


That’s why we’ve created this course, specifically to help you develop a professional ‘Designers Eye’, learn time-saving Photoshop skills and be prepared to ‘wow’ every client with your designs.