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Learn to paint and design paisley surface print patterns with our world-leading studio.
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Create paisleys that sell by learning from the pros

We're born out of a working studio, Longina Phillips Designs.
 In business for over 30 years, we've created some of the most beautiful, hand-crafted textile designs for brands all over the world. 

Paisley literally NEVER goes out of style!

Sure, they evolve and change with color, scale, or trend influences as the season's pass. They can even transend traditional fashion seasons, working for summer swimwear, winter dresses, and fall bedding!

This means that as a designer, you MUST have this skill in your designer tool belt.

Get industry-recognised skills

"I'm happy to report that after doing this course, one of my paisley designs was licensed through Patternbank!"

- Claire Eden, Perth

Paisleys are only getting more popular.

WGSN reports, "At a time when customers are looking for reassurance, paisley and bohemian florals offer a recognisably classic and feminine story."

"Paisley increases by 24% in the UK and 33% in the US markets YOY across women's new-in apparel. Rising fastest across luxury retail (+71%)"


Create your motifs

> Sketch paisley and Jacobean motifs

Understand the complexity and shapes of traditional paisleys and Jacobean flowers and translate them into your own sketch.

> Mix and paint your first color

We show you the process of planning out your colors and laying down the first tone. 

> Mix flat and watercolor techniques. 

Learn how to use two techniques within one motif

> Paint your tones in order

We demonstrate painting each tone, explaining why we choose one over the other, and how to avoid 'fighting' colors. 

> Draw your keylines

Finess your motifs with key line details to take them to the next level. 


Create a digital print design

> Scan and clean your elements

Learn how to clean up your painted art without losing any detail.

> Edit your colors

Adjust each colour, controlling your levels for a pleasing result.

> Create a strong layout

See the techniques we use to compose a paisley design with 'flow.'

> Get the most from your motifs

Stretch your motifs further with our time-saving studio secrets.

> Create a border

Cut and paste your motifs into an intricate border for the ultimate boho style design.

> Create a colorway that compliments the original

Keep your customers happy with colorways that don't compete with the master design.

Our graduates say...

"It's a step-by-step instruction to success. You can be inspired and do every other design this way, not only paisley."

-Monika Sojda, Netherlands

"This course is excellent! I have found myself being creatively stunted in the past due to overthinking how a paisley design 'should' look but now I feel like I have the knowledge to move forward and create some interesting designs.

This is the second course I have bought and can't recommend enough. The amount of skill these tutors have is incredible."

- Kes Andrews, Great Britain

Training you can do in-transit

Nope, you don't need to dedicate hours at your desk for this. The course is hosted by Kajabi, and can be accessed from both on desktop and the Kajabi app on your device. Just plug those headphones in and go! 

With The Print School it couldn't be easier for you to learn how to create a professional paisley design. 

Your course includes



Two payments

$275/m USD

Budget friendly

  • 27 lessons
  • 3.2 hrs video run time
  • 8 painting aides
  • 8 cheat sheets
  • unlimited access to private community of designers

    NOTE: Access the second half of the course in 1 month, after your second payment.

One- off payment

$495 USD

Save $55

  • 27 lessons
  • 3.2 hrs video run time
  • 8 painting aides
  • 8 cheat sheets
  • unlimited access to private community of designers

  • Access the full course immediately on payment

Meet your instructors

With nine years of industry experience, Charis studied Fashion and Textile Design at University before moving to the United States to join the fashion teams of two of the country's biggest fashion retailers. Charis knows how to design a surface print pattern that sells (and she'll show you exactly how!)

Zoom has been with The Longina Phillips Designs studio for over 25 years. He understands the full circle of design like know-one else. Originally from Shanghai, he trained in the traditional gouache application for textiles before working at Chinese printing mills and moving to Australia. Watch him wield his paint brush with fantastic finesse. We are all in awe of exceptional artistic skills.

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