Here's how to apply for a refund

Bought a course then realised it wasn't what you wanted? That's okay, we all make mistakes. So long as you purchased the course within the last 30 days, you can apply for a full refund (if you paid the full fee upfront).  If you have paid in part, you can apply for a refund 30 days AFTER your final payment has been processed.

All you have to do is email your finished exercises (as outlined below) to [email protected].


Photoshop for Textile Design: Illustration

  1. Scanned and cleaned illustrated elements
  2. Coloured elements
  3. Two colourways for your finished design
  4. Your design in repeat


Photoshop for Textile Design: Watercolour

  1. Scanned and cleaned  watercolour elements
  2. Two colourways for your finished design
  3. Colour separations in a PSD file including layers


10 Stunning Commercial Designs in Photoshop

  1. Completed 10 designs incl. Vintage Leaf, Opposite Colours, Reverse the Motif, Mask it Out, Digital Touches, Simple is Best, One Motif is Enough, Mix It With Skin, Airbrush It, Modern Layout


Watercolour Florals for Textile Design: Beginners

  1. Photograph of an ombre technique
  2. Photograph of completed flower including a pansy, poppy, peony and delphinuim.
  3. Photograph of your completed final design


Floral Illustration for Textile Design: Beginners

  1. Stipple and crosshatch elements
  2. Brush pen and combination techniques
  3. Completed hero flower


Gouache Roses for Textiles: Drawing to Digital Design

  1. Reference photo
  2. Completed sketch plan
  3. Scanned and cleaned elements
  4. Final design


Gouache Paisleys for Textiles: Drawing to Digital Design 

Your references

  1. Completed sketches
  2. Completed colour plan
  3. Completed final design


Studio Sessions: How to Paint Tropical Leaves in Gouache

  1. Your colour plan 
  2. A photograph of your final painted elements 


Comprehensive Business builder for Surface Designers

  1. Submit your homework from Modules 1 by emailing us at [email protected]
  2. Attend our first monthly Coaching call.  This is mandatory
  3. Any bonuses will be revoked 


Beginners Course for Surface Pattern Design

  1. Complete sketches and digitising your art from M2 L3 &4
  2.  Put your design into a layout from M3 L4
  3. Submit your design via [email protected]


Colour Theory and Photoshop

  1. complete your homework from M1 L5 and M3 L1 and M4 L4
  2. submit your homework to [email protected]


 The Complete Repeat Course

Complete three designs from module 2: 

  1. Standard Floral in full repeat
  2. Ditsy floral in full repeat
  3. Grided design in full repeat
  4. submit your designs to [email protected]