2 Minute Tutorial: Design a Floral with Flow

photoshop how-tos starting out Oct 05, 2023

Embarking on the creation of an all-over floral pattern is more than just arranging flowers on a canvas – it's an intricate dance of creativity, balance, and beauty! Sara, our Head of Design shows you how she approaches an all-over floral layout using pre-existing elements from The Creative Elements.  


Crafting the Canvas: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Place your elements on the blank canvas:


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Sara initiates the process by strategically placing all elements at the bottom of the canvas. Each element resides on a separate layer, allowing for independent movement and adjustment.

“I start with all my elements on my page down the bottom so I can see what I have to work with,” Sara says.  


2. Create Your First Bunch:

A floral design is usually comprised of a few interesting bunches that have a combination of blooms, stems, buds and leaves. “Creating a variety of bunches that compliment each other is key to achieving a design with focus and flow. I rotate and play with the scale of the elements as I go in order to create movement," Sara says. 

    3. Duplicate and Edit Elements:

Sara demonstrates the power of duplicating and editing elements, altering colors to multiply the design possibilities. This technique enhances the richness of the layout, introducing variety without the need for entirely new components. “I select some of the same elements and change the colour to create even more elements than I originally had,” she says.

4. Step Back from Your Design:

Taking a moment of reflection, Sara evaluates the evolving design. Identifying an element that no longer contributes, she removes it from the canvas, streamlining the composition. 

5. Complete the Design

With a collection of thoughtfully crafted bouquets, Sara proceeds to finesse the layout, filling the canvas to achieve the final, harmonious design.


The Creative Elements: Your Design Arsenal

Make sure you check out The Creative Elements and get familiar with what we have in case you need a particular type of motif in an emergency.

Your Design Process Simplified

Yes, this is a little plug for one of our own brands, but honestly, if a job calls for something you’re not confident with painting yourself, this trick will save you so much agony. We want The Creative Elements to service you on your design journey and hope it can make your job that much easier. If you want an item we don’t already have, please reach out! We have a whole team of designers and we can jump onto creating it for you with a moment's notice.

So, dive into the world of all-over floral layouts with Sara, explore The Creative Elements, and let your designs flourish! After all, creativity knows no bounds, especially when guided by the expertise shared in this blog. 


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