Do everything from scanning to creating the repeating pattern for your finished design.
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Learn industry skills direct from a world-leading fabric print studio, Longina Phillips Designs.

All the skills you need to create a complete digital fabric design with pen-drawn motifs.

Want to break into textile design? Looking to up level your Photoshop skills? 

You're in the right place! With this course you'll learn everything you need to know to complete a beautiful, illlustrated print design to a professional standard.

With This Course You Will...

Boost Your Photoshop Skills

Create an illustration-based print like a pro, using some of our best tricks

Speed Your Process

with industry tips and time-saving techniques

Learn the Finishing Steps

Produce two types of repeats multiple and colour ways 

"This course includes lots of insider tips that just aren't available anywhere else."

Julie Bunyard, Hobart AU

What Will You Learn?

The digital process from start to finish!

> Scan & clean your motifs

to produce fast, high quality results

>  Cut and separate your elements onto layers

without having to erase time-consuming 'missed bits' later on!

 > Learn to build up digital colour and tone

using a varity of techniques for elements that pop.

> Discover the secret to a great layout

with tips for a flowing, flattering end design.

> Create colour ways with a mix of functions

including hue/saturation and replace colour.

> Complete that all important repeat

in square and half drop styles before testing and cropping your design.

> Get yourself out of trouble 

with our problem-solving page for common mishaps. 

7 Videos (Total Run Time: 1hr, 24mins)

Our experienced designers, Charis and Katrina walk you through the ENTIRE digital process from scanning to creating two repeats.

13 Bonus Lessons!

Build on your knowledge with a host of complimentary tutorials. They cover composition, designing paisleys and Jacobeans and more! 

56 Pages of Printables!

Includes two exclusive articles with tips on how to create a print collection and send final files to your client, plus your videos in written form. 

Open Door Policy

With access to our private Facebook group you can ask questions of our designers and make lasting industry connections.

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Work With Your Own Elements

Do you have a set of motifs drawn with a 0.3mm pen nib or thicker? You are ready to go! 

Don't have anything that suits? No worries!

You can download a set of our motifs from The Creative Elements!

Choose from a range of gorgeous botanical illustrations from our digital marketplace, The Creative Elements.

OR if you want to learn how to illustrate a family of floral motifs ready for textile design and production – like the ones used in this course – we can teach you to make them from scratch! Head over to Floral Illustration for Textile Design, our course dedicated to drawing techniques.

Julie, Hobart TAS

"I had been struggling to find this information, so I was delighted when [this course] was released, and it didn't disappoint. The course was comprehensive and included lots of insider tips that just aren't available anywhere else."

Elizabeth, Melbourne VIC

"I learnt a lot and very different to what I learnt at Uni. It's much more specific to the workplace and there are a lot of clever short-cuts used to speed up design work."

Rachelle, Seattle WA

"Longina Phillips are masters at creating beautiful, flowing and non-obvious repeating patterns. I like that they show you how to create seamless repeats (and not just a straight repeat). I also learned new methods for recoloring motifs that I now use all the time in my workflow."


With nine years' of industry experience, Charis is one of our most senior designers. She studied Fashion and Textile Design at Uni before moving to the US to join the fashion teams of two behemoth retailers.


Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design. 

The way we see it, you have two options!

Option 1:

Spend years figuring out this process on your own. You make mistakes along the way and it costs you clients (not to mention a good chunk of your potential income).

Option 2:

You learn our fail-proof methods, refined over 30 years in the business. On completion of the course, and with practice, you turn out dynamic, saleable designs at speed.

 Skip the stumbles. Take the shortcut! It will save you $1000s in the long run.

Turbo-Charge Your Skillset

Finally learn to create industry-standard repeats.

If there's one important Photoshop skill to have as a Fabric Print designer, it's repeating patterns. 

What's a repeating pattern? Known in the trade as just a 'repeat,' it maps your design to run over an endless length of fabric such that it appears over and over again. Elements are seamlessly interlaced and there are no definitive 'edges' to your design. It can either be very tricky to achieve or it can be very simple – when you know the correct technique. 

Learn our methods for square repeats and half drop repeats and whizz through the process with ease. 

Elevate your compositions with our fail-proof fundamentals. 

Whether your layouts are looking too similar, or you want to design with more impact (or both!), you'll find your fix here.

We explain how to create flow in chapter 4 of the course video and outline numerous other ways to amp up your designs with side-by-side comparisons in our bonus Composition Series.

Create a stand-out print collection with the right mix of styles.

We give you an easy-peasy formula to collate a strong collection. 

This exclusive downloadable preps you for successful client meetings.

Turn up with the right designs, know what to expect and quash any concerns... then nail the sale!

The Print School is a platform dedicated to helping creatives and emerging print designers boost their skills in an increasingly competitive job market. 

Longina Phillips Designs textile designers (some of Australia's most experienced and revered) develop your drawing, painting and design skills to an advanced professional level, giving you the edge you need to succeed. 


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We poured our time, money and collective expertise into this course and we KNOW you will notice a difference in your designs in a matter of weeks (when you put the work in!).

If, for some reason, this course doesn't meet your expectations we offer a 100% refund on your investment, within 30 days of purchase.




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