2 Minute Tutorial: Create a Monochrome Floral Design


Monochromatic floral prints are trending in nearly all markets: from swim to ready-to-wear and interiors.

And if the recent shows are anything to go by? They'll only get more popular. 

Images left to right: Hansen&Gretel, Michael Kors, Cinq a Sept.

What exactly are 'monochromatic florals’? These designs feature elements that are drenched in a single color. They might have an outline or not, sometimes with shading, but always within the same tonal range.

Images left to right: Seed Heritage, Acler, Shona Joy

Our designers at Longina Phillips love them because they are so quick and easy to create! 

Images left to right: Seed Heritage, Zara, Bach Mai Bam

Inspired to try your own? Follow our four simple steps:


1. Choose Your Elements:

While you can draw your set of floral motifs from scratch, consider saving time by using pre-made motifs. The Creative Elements offers various sets that are great for this project and for very little money. When...

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2 Minute Tutorial: Design a Floral with Flow

Embarking on the creation of an all-over floral pattern is more than just arranging flowers on a canvas – it's an intricate dance of creativity, balance, and beauty! Sara, our Head of Design shows you how she approaches an all-over floral layout using pre-existing elements from The Creative Elements.  


Crafting the Canvas: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Place your elements on the blank canvas:


Elevate your digital florals with our popular Photoshop for Fabric Design: Illustration course!


Sara initiates the process by strategically placing all elements at the bottom of the canvas. Each element resides on a separate layer, allowing for independent movement and adjustment.

“I start with all my elements on my page down the bottom so I can see what I have to work with,” Sara says.  


2. Create Your First Bunch:

A floral design is usually comprised of a few interesting bunches that have a combination of...

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Create an easy repeating pattern with Photoshop

What even is a repeating pattern? It’s a design that stretches seamlessly for infinity, just like the design on a roll of fabric. And if you’d like to become a surface print pattern designer, then it’s one of the most important skills to learn. 

Tutorial by Lyndsay, Senior Designer



Here we break it down for you in 5 easy steps.  

1. Place your hero

Start by creating a bunch layout in the centre of your art board. Make sure there’s some bare canvas around it.

2. Duplicate and place over-hanging motifs

You can see that this flower is hanging off our canvas at the bottom so to make this repeat work, it will need to reappear that the top of the canvas.

To do this, duplicate the motif then use the x and Y axis in the toolbar to move it north exactly the length of the canvas. This canvas is 64cm, so you’ll see me type -64 into the Y axis to move the motif 64cm exactly north.

TIP: Make sure that the triangle in...

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Watercolour 101: Don't Do This, Do This!

Written and produced by Morgan, Social Media Coordinator


In this video you’ll learn some incredible watercolor painting tips, the essential do’s and don’ts, from our talented artist and designer Bec. These skills are ideal for beginners and for anyone who needs a good refresher. 

You can also paint alongside Bec as you watch this video.


The tools you’ll need to use throughout the video include;

  • A watercolor palette
  • 1 Flat Brush
  • 1 Thick Round Brush
  • 1 Thin Round Brush
  • 2 Water Jars
  • Some paper Towels 
  • Standard Paper 80GSM
  • And Watercolour Paper preferable 220GSM

Have you got everything? You do, great! Now let’s get started!


Different paper stock. Which is the best for watercolor painting? 

There are so many different paper stock options available to purchase nowadays. However, with watercolor painting, your choice of paper can drastically change the outcome of your artwork. 

Here Bec is painting on the...

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What is Surface Pattern Design?

Written and produced by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager


Ever wondered what surface pattern design is? Then you’re in the right place. We break it down (with picture references) in this two minute vid. Enjoy.

Look around you. On your desk you might see a pretty notebook, mug or phone case. 

If you’re in your bedroom there might be a floral bedspread, a stripe wallpaper or a polka dot pillow.

Open your cupboard doors.

Photos: a beautifulmess.com

 Have you got dresses? Skirts? Trousers? Or workout gear?

Photos: Joyce & Girls; Monte & Lou; Ralph Lauren; Lulus; Ell & Voo at Rebel Sport

These may be feature florals, checks, paisleys, tropicals or tie-dyes.

So basically, any art created to be mass produced on a product surface is considered surface design. And that counts for every kind of product. Homewares, accessories and also fashion apparel.

The pattern part of the term “surface pattern design” of course refers to repeated...

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The Secret to a Successful Career in Surface Design

Words by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager

First of all, congratulations for being on this design journey — wherever you are, whatever stage you’re at.

You've made the wonderfully rewarding decision to nurture your passion for print. The fact that you are even reading this blog proves it!

You are doing the work and putting it out there. And we know that can be scary. Even the simple act of putting brush to paper,  and not sharing it online will expose you to the worst critic there is….. yourself. 

We know here from personal experience how awful that inner nag can sound. 

“My painted rose doesn’t look anything like I wanted!”

“I have published my digital folio but had no interest in my work!”

“I’m a failure.”

“I’m not a good enough artist to be in print design”

“I cannot complete this print in Photoshop, but I should be able to!”

“My work is rubbish.”

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