24/25 Runways: The Print Trends Selling Now

May 17, 2024


Today we're talking trends. Since prints can really influence fashion purchases, it’s important to know what’s trending. A client can sell the same dress every season if, each time it appears, the print is different. But of course, it needs to be a print with market appeal. Long before the market knows what it wants, clothing brands need to buy prints for their collections. So what ARE they looking to buy? I’ll go over the biggest trends in a tick, but first, please hit the bell to receive more videos from our studio. 


1. Animal Skins  

Let's kick it off with Animal Print. More than just a trend; skins are a movement. The early 2000s made a mega comeback this year, with the Mob Wife aesthetic taking over our feeds. In direct opposition to the clean girl look, retro glam has risen, and the scene set for animal skins. 

From python dresses at Isabel Marant to zebra-striped trousers at Ulla Johnson, the Autumn Winter runways were wild. Of all the different skin prints, the most classic reigned supreme: The leopard. It holds the strongest associations with the 90’s, a decade many designers pined for. Like them or loathe them, they’ll become a wardrobe staple for many and touch all-occasion dressing by next year.  


2. Art Prints

Next, let's talk about the Art Prints you didn’t want to miss. Ulla Johnson features a dreamy, abstract look reminiscent of Chagall.  AHL-tuh-ZOOR-uh (Altuzurra) goes for vibrant colors and compositions like Kandinsky.  ROK-suhn-duh (Roksanda) dresses models in midcentury wall mural patterns inspired by Luh kawr-buh-zee-ay ( Le Corbusier). Lastly, Zimmermann draws inspiration from actor, Barry Otto’s bohemian illustrations, which he created in the seventies. 

3. Ombre 

Ombre has really become a fashion must-have in recent years. It's all about that seamless gradient from one color to another, adding depth and dimension to a collection. Whether you're into fiery hues like Roberto Cavalli or softer pastel shades like Casablanca, ombre has something for every occasion.  

Designers are getting creative with this trend, using it in all kinds of clothing and accessories, making it wearable for all markets. It’s another trend that just continues to get more and more popular.


4. Feminine Florals

The hyper-feminine floral trend brings a touch of nostalgia and classic charm. Think pastels, pinks, and pretty, vintage bouquets that take you back to granny's attic or a lush garden. It's about embracing a 'more is more' vibe with floral prints appearing together with ruffles, tulle, bows, and even feathers.

While florals are forever feminine, this season it's not about blending in. It's about boldly communicating the strength in softness and femininity. So there you have it. The trends that fashion and print buyers are honing in on from now until next year, at least!


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