Fashion Trends SS23 | Top Runway Print Designs

print design trends Nov 03, 2022
Fashion Trends SS23 Runway Print Designs

Spring Summer '23 was a grand slam for turn-of-the-century trends. The Y2K-slash-90s vibe could be felt on every runway, every model, or just about.

Next year there'll be no escaping it. So fan or not a fan, as a print designer operating in the fashion world (and EVERY surface print pattern designer operates in the fashion world) you'll need to the key styles to focus on creating. 

Luckily Rebecca, our Creative Director, is here again to show you the way into 2003 err.. sorry, 2023.

1. Lace, crochet and ropes

Tactile fabrications are key, with lace, crochet and rope-type fabrications across a myriad of designers and cities.
We know this is not a print trend per se, but it's still a surface pattern and not to be ignored. When we see something across so many collections, we know it's going to be huge, and that we should incorporate it in some capacity in our collections.  It might be as a background texture, behind a floral or a stand-alone printable crochet. 

2. Denim craft

Yep, denim is another tactile surface, and not a print design BUT it will be huge thanks to the Y2K takeover.  Designers have bleached it, patched it, cut it and overprinted it.  Diesel has managed to create a ‘burn out’ denim that looks almost like lace.  We just hope it's an environmentally friendly technique! 


3. Art attack

Artful brush strokes sweep across garments as designers strive to put some fun back into our wardrobes. Roksanda is known for her dialled up color and she did not disappoint this season. Her oversized abstract art prints got our pulses racing.

Learn this style: The biggest thing you'll need to know to nail this trend is how to harmonise your color palettes, as we teach inside our Color Theory and Photoshop for Surface Designers course. Would you like to replicate some of the high-impact digital techniques this trend showcases particularly well?  We show you a host of tricks inside 10 Stunning Designs Without Weeks in Photoshop

4. Nightie out

Lace-trimmed slips and teddies in prairie and cottage core prints were worn as outerwear. Christian Dior is the stand out designer here, presenting classy yet cute iterations of the trend.  

5. Fem florals

Zimmerman rules the roost here, with a vintage design taking centre stage.

19th century graphics mixed with botanical flowers on ombre grounds, not for the faint hearted.  And of course the king of fem, Christian Dior has graced us with a delicate botanical floral in pretty colours staring on black or white grounds for a lovely offset appeal.

Learn this style: Gouache Roses: Drawing to Digital Design is the perfect course to lear  to complete a print akin to this Zimmerman style. 

6. Colored snake skin

The star of animal skins for the season, snake is back thanks to 90’s revivals.  Think Gwen Stefani in her hipster faux leather rock trousers!  Recoloured in pastel corals or aqua to really drive the retro vibe home.

7. Tie dye

Yes, we shuddered as well. Please nooooo, not again! Tie dye is oversaturated (pun, anyone?) But this time, it's  tighter, more controlled Shibori-type tie dyes that we see. 

Ulla Johnson freshed it all up with beautiful greens or purples and Altuzarra really made it shine with impactful placement effects.

8. Watercolour florals

This one we’re happy about!  These really brought some joy to the runways, with Carolina Herrera stealing the limelight with terrific yellow or cobalt ground colours.

Learn this style: You can't go past two of our best courses, Watercolour Florals for Fabric Design (which demonstrates the painting technique) and Photoshop for Fabric Design: Watercolor (to digitise your motifs and put them together in the most professional way). 


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