2 Minute Tutorial: Create a Monochrome Floral Design

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Monochromatic floral prints are trending in nearly all markets: from swim to ready-to-wear and interiors.

And if the recent shows are anything to go by? They'll only get more popular. 

Images left to right: Hansen&Gretel, Michael Kors, Cinq a Sept.

What exactly are 'monochromatic florals’? These designs feature elements that are drenched in a single color. They might have an outline or not, sometimes with shading, but always within the same tonal range.

Images left to right: Seed Heritage, Acler, Shona Joy

Our designers at Longina Phillips love them because they are so quick and easy to create! 

Images left to right: Seed Heritage, Zara, Bach Mai Bam

Inspired to try your own? Follow our four simple steps:


1. Choose Your Elements:

While you can draw your set of floral motifs from scratch, consider saving time by using pre-made motifs. The Creative Elements offers various sets that are great for this project and for very little money. When choosing your motifs, look for interesting flower and foliage shapes that stand out as silhouettes. 

Images left to right: Mirror Mirror Boutique, Roxy, Richard Quinn, Andres Atalora

2. Cut and Fill:

If using elements from The Creative Elements, the cutting work is done for you. If not, go back to either this Print School course or that Print School course to learn how to scan, clean, and separate your elements ready for a design. Pay attention to your edges. You want them to appear smooth for a clean, clear silhouette. Use the transparency lock and shortcut OPTION+ DELETE to fill shapes with color.

3. Color Matters:

The secret to a stunning monochrome floral is the color combination. Experiment with fun color combos, draw inspiration from runways and play with different hues to create eye-catching designs.

4. Dynamic Layout:

Create a flowing composition with attention to negative space. Vary the scale and shapes, add sweeping stems to connect flowers, and make the negative space an essential design feature. Make sure you consider the design's placement on the body.

For more monochromatic design inspiration, check out The Print School's instagram.

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