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Whether you want to create beautiful wall art or fabric designs, these pro drawing tips will get your work noticed (for the right reasons).

Our Students say...



I LOVE my classes!!! They have really sparked something in me that I thought I had lost. Thank you so much for everything :)


"Thank you, I have only worked on the illustration video so far, it is really fantastic and so easy to follow, the girls are so clear with their instructions, thank you for producing the videos! I work in this method quite a lot so I was really please to learn another new way of working, like you I have worked in Photoshop for some time, but it is so good to always learn new tricks that will speed you up, I am looking forward to seeing this batch of designs printed on fabric and to see if I can see any difference in my work."


This showed me talents I had no idea I had! The instructors taught insanely cool skills and I gained artwork to hang.

Learn industry skills direct from a world-leading fabric print studio, Longina Phillips Designs.

With This Course You Will...

Master Your Tools

Use the right tools the professional way for immediate effects.  

Shade Like an Expert

Bring your flowers to life with a variety of effective rendering styles.

Put it Together Better

Learn to compose a beautiful design with our proven-effective formula.

One-Time Payment

$99 USD


Why THIS drawing course?

It's brought to you by a team of mega experienced, working artists and textile designers. In addition to our advanced drawing techniques, you'll see how commercial textile production works, how we design to trends and plan a print design. 

Our studio has been in operation for over 30 years so you can be sure we know our stuff.

5 Videos (Total Run Time 38 Minutes)

An insider's look into how we approach floral illustration at our commercial design studio.

Bonus Tips

Written articles cover related topics to help strengthen and speed your work.

Guide to Design Planning

Inside your course you'll find 5 Fundamentals for Planning a Floral Textile Design. See what elements do and don't go together and which ones are vital to the success of your design.

OngoingĀ Support and Development

Receive support from senior designers and connect with other students through the Kajabi Communities app.

Receive a Commercial Completion Certificate

Once you've finished the course, we'll send you a personalised Certificate.  A  great edition for your portfolio!

Turbo-Charge Your Skillset

Elevate your flowers with a variety of shading styles (in the one drawing!)

Who says you have to choose a shading style and stick with it right through? 

Not us. In fact, in contemporary fabric design, it can be more effective to feature multiple etching and shading styles. 

We show you how to do it correctly plus avoid the pitfalls.


A visual guide for drawing flower centres.

Inside the Bonus Lessons we explain the different types of flower heads and which you should use for what situation.

It could avoid a potentially embarrassing problem for your clients and their customers! 

Maximise Your Drawings with Minimum Work.

"We designers are always on deadline and so we have to come up with different ways to speed up our processes and – quite literally – deliver the most bang for the client's buck." 

There are so many ways to use your element beyond the single application.

Here's how commercial practices should influence your design.

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Bella trained in Shanghai before coming to do an internship with us. Most of her training was on the job, where her natural talents blossomed, and she became one of our best designers.


Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design.


Jenny has worked in the fashion textile industry for five years. Her background is in graphics and fine arts and she painted and lived in Paris for a time. Jenny as always had a passion for design.

 The Print School was founded five years ago by Longina Phillips Designs Studios out of a need for industry-specific textile tutorials. Both our customers and Instagram followers (you guys rock) expressed an interest in learning creative skills from our leading designers. And here we are!


One-Time Payment

$99 USD

  • 5 videos
  • 2 templates
  • 17 pages of printables
  • Ongoing support from your instructors
  • Join our online community
  • Lifetime access to your course

We poured our time, money and collective expertise into this course and we KNOW you will notice a difference in your designs in a matter of weeks (when you put the work in!).

If, for some reason, this course doesn't meet your expectations we offer a 100% refund on your investment, within 30 days of purchase.



Sydney, NSW 

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates prints or has a secret desire to be creative."


Sydney, NSW

"Being industry run is what sets these classes apart. They give you a real insight into how a textile design studio works."


Sydney, NSW

"Amazing course, invaluable information, lots of good material, lovely teachers! I highly recommend this course."

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