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In this business, it’s crucial to stay in front of fashion trends however, online research can only take you so far. Visiting retail stores in person can provide valuable insights you just can't get from browsing online. Check out the link for our four best reasons to go shopping right now!


Today, I want to talk about the importance of shopping at bricks and mortar stores. As Head of Design at a world-leading surface design studio, I can tell you that in the business it’s crucial you stay in front of fashion trends.

However, online research can only take you so far. Visiting retail stores in person can provide valuable insights and inspiration that you just can't get from browsing online. Keep watching for our 4 best reasons to go shopping ASAP!

1. Learn from watching others shop

First and foremost, when you are in a retail store, you get a better understanding of how a print customer buys a print. 

What prints are they reacting to? Are they walking right past a print you think is fabulous? It can be interesting to watch a busy store in action and see how the customers interact with the products.


2. Merchandising offers more trend insights

In a physical store you can see the merchandising, understand how the fashion designer has used color, and what type of customer they are targeting with their products. 

This helps you understand their thought processes and enables you to create prints that are more likely to sell. Of course, this doesn't work in every store. If you're in a department store, you may only get a snippet of sometimes limited or picked-over stock. But if you go into the brand's store, you can get a great understanding of their brand ethos.


3. You can get up close to the prints

Another advantage of going into a retail store is that you can see the print's details up close. Online, you  can only zoom in so far, but seeing and touching the fabric shows you so much more. This can inspire new ideas and add new dimensions to your creativity. 

For example, an Isabel Marant dress online is pretty, but in-store, you can see the texture in the print. This might spark an entire group of designs.

4. Shopping with shift your perspective

Leaving your desk and getting out into the world is great for your creativity. We see things with fresh eyes. It opens up our perspective, and we are more likely to absorb the messages that are available.

Whether you’re traveling for trade shows or on holiday, it's always a good idea to set aside some time to visit the local retail stores. This can provide you with a better understanding of the local customer base and the design trends that are popular in that area. You can imagine the print you're making working in Sezanne Paris, or Ganni Stockholm.

 It’s essential to visit retail stores fairly regularly, at least four times a year when major seasonal changes happen. 

In conclusion, visiting retail stores can be incredibly beneficial for surface designers. It lets you see the products up close, understand the customer base, and observe the latest trends. So, make sure to take some time out of your day to visit your local retail stores and explore the possibilities! 



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