Designers: Why you need to go shopping!


In this business, it’s crucial to stay in front of fashion trends however, online research can only take you so far. Visiting retail stores in person can provide valuable insights you just can't get from browsing online. Check out the link for our four best reasons to go shopping right now!


Today, I want to talk about the importance of shopping at bricks and mortar stores. As Head of Design at a world-leading surface design studio, I can tell you that in the business it’s crucial you stay in front of fashion trends.

However, online research can only take you so far. Visiting retail stores in person can provide valuable insights and inspiration that you just can't get from browsing online. Keep watching for our 4 best reasons to go shopping ASAP!

1. Learn from watching others shop

First and foremost, when you are in a retail store, you get a better understanding of how a print customer buys a print. 

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Fashion Trends SS23 | Top Runway Print Designs

print design trends Nov 03, 2022

Spring Summer '23 was a grand slam for turn-of-the-century trends. The Y2K-slash-90s vibe could be felt on every runway, every model, or just about.

Next year there'll be no escaping it. So fan or not a fan, as a print designer operating in the fashion world (and EVERY surface print pattern designer operates in the fashion world) you'll need to the key styles to focus on creating. 

Luckily Rebecca, our Creative Director, is here again to show you the way into 2003 err.. sorry, 2023.

1. Lace, crochet and ropes

Tactile fabrications are key, with lace, crochet and rope-type fabrications across a myriad of designers and cities.
We know this is not a print trend per se, but it's still a surface pattern and not to be ignored. When we see something across so many collections, we know it's going to be huge, and that we should incorporate it in some capacity in our collections.  It might be as a background texture, behind a floral or a stand-alone printable crochet. ...

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Fashion Trends SS23 | Make Boring Colors Shine in Your Surface Designs

print design trends Oct 20, 2022

The last model walked the Spring Summer 23 runway a few weeks ago but we are (and will be) pouring over the collections for many months to come. 

While there were lots of shareable moments, we noticed one overriding colour trend: wishy-washy, subdued hues. As print designers, we were more than mildly disappointed to see these shades, such as dishwater blue and dove grey, star in so many shows.

The season’s dull delivery might be especially shocking in contrast to the last lot of shows in Fall Winter 23, which saw Valentino light a fire of fuchsia down his runway.

But, to save us from designing every print in Pantone Pink PP by Valentino for the foreseeable future, our creative director, Bec is here. 

She’ll show you how to make those dreary hues look positively pretty, keeping your collection both on trend and full of commercial appeal. 

But before we get into it, we are dying to tell you about our new color course, Color Theory and Photoshop for...

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5 Best Print Trends for Men

print design trends Feb 17, 2022

Words by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager

If you need a new paddling pool to dip your design toe, the SS22 Menswear shows offer a refreshing new place to swim.

Yes, granted, SS22 served up a lot of the looks we’ve come to expect of men's fashion (hello camo and palms), there were a number of newer trends that got us itching to get to work.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: ATM Magazine; ZaraWataru Tominaga

Example 1: Snapshot

A nod to the nineties vintage look we already know and love, but with a point a difference.  It says vaycay, easy-breezy yet cool. “Photo collages remind us of better times,” Bec says, so there's that sense of nostalgia there, too.

How to design the look:
We are particularly drawn to this Snapshot trend because it is amazingly simple to design for. Plunder your old family travel photos, or go out and take some scenic snaps. Apply a filter or two (we’d recommend Posterize or Soft light or just about anything that gives you...

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5 Top Print & Colour Trends for 2022

print design trends Jan 20, 2022

Words by: Bec, Creative Director

Reading time: 4 mins

We’re moving into the third year of the pandemic, and we’re fatigued!  History shows that upheavals in society create very large shifts in culture, be it music, art, fashion, and 2022 proves to be no exception.

We want optimism.  We want connection.  And we’re going to go out there and grab life by the horns!  This year is all about positivity.  Read on to see how this will reflect in what we wear and buy.

1. The Return of Parties

We want to go out dancing till the wee hours, we want to celebrate every milestone, every occasion.  

Sidebar: We are SO excited for the return of our trend reports, now called The Print Pattern Forecast. Download the latest pack and get a better, more comprehensive peekaboo at which trends will help to SELL your designs this year. Don't risk getting it wrong... get it RIGHT starting now.

Party-wear needs florals and the return of loud, clashing...

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