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Life has become more expensive for the majority of us, leaving less in the budget for new art supplies.

Resources are quickly used up in our studio where 15 busy designers work. Just like you, we're mindful of our budget. We aim to make the most out of each paint tube, brush, and paper pad. Learn about our strategies for managing art supplies spending to support your creative vision without overspending.

1. Reactivate dried paints

Unlike acrylic or oil-based paints, with gouache or watercolor, you can reuse dried paint on your palette. Simply add a bit of water to revive it. Instead of washing away all remaining pigment, save unfinished palettes by covering them with cling wrap to shield from dust and dirt.

The same principle goes for your paint tubes. Once you've squeezed out all you can, trim off the top and extract the remaining bits from the bottom, even if they've dried out completely.


2. Maintain the shape of your brushes

A brush's effectiveness relies heavily on its condition. At Print School, instructor Ange emphasizes the importance of not leaving brushes upside down in the water jar, as this can cause the brush tip to curl and complicate achieving clean, straight lines while painting. Although it may take some time to adjust to placing the brush on the table instead of back in the jar, this habit can prevent the need to purchase new brushes, making the effort worthwhile

3. Recycle, reuse, rework your paper

The front cover of your watercolor pad is crafted from the same quality paper as the rest of the pad. Utilize it for your final artwork with confidence in its consistency. Repurpose the back of scrap paper as a canvas for paint testing or as a protective shield for your table. Look to unwanted printouts or old notebooks for this purpose.

Not feeling a particular piece you painted? Transform it into confetti by punching holes or cut it into various shapes for a potential collage. If there's a section you admire, scan it for future use in Photoshop designs.

For additional insights on saving money on art supplies, watch this informative video here.


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