Print Design Pearlers: How to draw fast, excel at your job and avoid doing this!

business tips drawing how-tos Jun 29, 2023

Want to learn to draw fast, create production-friendly designs, and become a kick-ass surface designer? Bec, Creative Director of Longina Phillips Designs, gives you some of her BEST insider insights here.

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How to draw fast

As commercial designers, we need to work fast. Understanding which corners to cut is vital. It's okay to make the laborious task of drawing faster by tracing motives. You can edit as you draw. This can save hours and then you can spend more time making sure your colours are pleasing and your composition Interesting. Watch the video here.


Biggest printing mistake to avoid

If you are planning on printing your designs to fabric, there are a few things to consider. When ink is printed to fabric, it bleeds ever so slightly into the weave or fibres, which can affect your design. One, bleed out your lime work so it all runs into itself creating a heavy or blobby effect. The solution. Don't fill your drawings with an abundance of line work. Leave some areas detail free. Two fabric is also much duller than your computer screen, so the contrast between your colours is super important or otherwise they'll just end up all looking like one. Watch the video here. 

How to excel at your job

Try something new. As commercial designers, always rushing from one job to the next, it's important that you put time aside to try new techniques. Upskilling will add interest to your designs and you'll find more enjoyment if you're always growing and improving.  Watch the video here.


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