4 Best Flower Drawing Tips | Take Your Motifs From Meh to AMAZING

drawing how-tos Dec 01, 2022

Flowers. Fully understanding these botanical wonders is a non-negotiable for any great fabric designer. From ditsy daisies on intimates to intricate orchids for swimwear or big bold poppies on apparel - each species has its place in our design library.


Images of plants and flowers are so readily available that we tend to rely on them a lot. But, while using a picture of a flower as a reference is a time-saver, drawing from nature provides us with so much more information about the subject. 

So, it's time to head outdoors! Here's Kat's top four tips for flower gazing in RL.

Words by: Katrina. The Print School Instructor

1. Draw Instinctually

One of the greatest things about working ‘en plein air,’ is the opportunity to capture the essence of the flower or the gesture of the leaves without getting too caught up in the detail.

We tend to work more quickly as time is limited and, without the comfort and familiarity of the studio, our habits are...

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The Key to Drawing Better Blooms

drawing how-tos Nov 25, 2021

Words by Lyndsay, Creative Lead and Senior Designer

Tried to sketch a realistic-looking flower and hated what you created? Flowers have lots of teeny tiny details (roses, in particular, have up to 40 petals) and it's hard to not only include every nuance, but to make it come together in a readable, realistic way.  So how do the pros create such clean and believable hand-drawn blooms?

There's a secret. A special little trick that we use. Because we draw A LOT of blooms (you know it).

It's a one word answer to your woes: simplify. Follow our steps below, and then create the floral artwork you're aiming for.

1. Really look

Pick a flower from your garden (or your neighbour's – we won't tell) and focus on it. Look closely at any veins on the petals and notice the direction they’re going in. Do any of the petals fold over or curl up on themselves? Turn it around in your hand to view it from different angles, and take note of the foreshortening of the petals facing...

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