Drawing to Digital Design

Create this gorgeous vintage rose design from concept to completion, with our textile flower design course for the real world.


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Learn industry skills from the experienced textile designers of Longina Phillips Designs studio.

With The Print School's fabric design courses, you can secure the design job of your dreams at least five times faster* than without.

You’ll see exactly how our senior staff draw, paint, and use Photoshop to produce some of the highest-regarded surface print patterns sold in the world today.

Forget blindly feeling your way through the process let us pull back the curtain to show you the

insight, skills and techniques you need to get started in digital textile designing. We want you to skip the stumbles and uncertainty, and instead create beautiful, printable, professional-level print designs (and soon!) Or if you’ve already made your start in textile fashion designing, we’ll help you level-up your skills and processes to supercharge your success and really make a splash.

Digital textile designing is in our blood. We’ve fine-tuned our techniques over the last three decades and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Come and join the fun!


* estimate time frame (but we've seen it done!)

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What's different about gouache?

It's all about layering pre-mixed colours to build beautiful dimension. Forget the washy, runny style (we cover that in our other courses such as Watercolour Forals for Textile Design).

With flat gouache the paint application is thicker and applied to dry layers of paint.

The result? Strong, clean definition between your colours.


Why learn to paint with gouache?

Thanks to its defined sections of colour, flat gouache designs can be screen-printed, a traditional process that is more affordable for customers than digital printing methods. As you can expect, it's a very appealing feature and selling point for your designs!  That’s why we’ve built a whole digital textile design course around helping you do just that.

With This Course You Will...

Diversify Your Portfolio

Learn the 'flat' gouache technique and apply it to a range of designs.

Attract a Wider Range of Jobs

This style is screen-printable and sought after by clients with lower budgets. 

Hit a Huge Trend

Vintage style roses are having a big moment in fashion.

Gouache Roses Are in Style

The exact type of floral print we're about to teach you made a major comeback on the runways for spring. Everyone from Richard Quinn to Dries Van Noten showcased a version. It's a nostalgic nod towards 50's and 60's floral dresses and a celebration of all things feminine and girly. 

Are you ready to paint some beautiful roses? Get the exact textile flower design skills you needto create the perfect on-trend print.

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Digital textile designing is a competitive industry. We're tickled pink to hear how we’ve set up our students for success with the textile flower design tips and insights they need to help their work stand out from the crowd.


"Great course for learning how to paint in this gouache style.”


“I love Longina Phillips, it’s a great design studio, great classes, you can ask for help anytime and they are always posting great tips to help you in your design journey. I would highly recommend them.”

In Part 1: Prepare Your Motifs

> Accurately draw a rose and peony

Understand the structure of these blooms and how to translate it to the page.

> Mix a cohesive colour palette

We show you the process of pulling colours from your palette to create new ones.

> Design a rose for fabric production

Learn to simplify your reference so that it 'reads' correctly in a print.

> Create dimension with tone

Build your motifs in a gradation of tones. See where each shade goes for best effects. 

> Use a light source for more realistic renderings

Observe how light naturally falls on a rose and how to interpret that with paint.

> Use your brushes like a master painter

Our flicks and tricks will elevate all your paintings from here on in!

In Part 2: Create a Digital Print Design

> Scan and clean your elements

There are many ways to do this but ours is fast and leaves little room for error.

> Create a strong layout

We show you how to compose a solid design by industry standards.

> Edit your motifs

Make your elements work extra hard so it looks as though there are more than there are!

> Create extra colourways quickly

Additional variations provide added value and could cinch a sale!

> Index your colours

You'll use this process over and over for future clients!

> Learn little tricks that make all the difference

For instance, we show you the cool cut out filter.

10 Videos (Total Run Time: 2hrs)

See how the whole process unfolds over two parts, from mixing your paints to designing your final print in Photoshop.

Printable Instructions

Download each chapter to revisit the instructions offline. A shortcuts table and other goodies are included. 

Ready-to-Use Templates

Download our pre-made rose and peony templates to skip the drawing step (or draw it from scratch with our instructions).

Ongoing Support and Development

Receive support from senior designers and connect with other students through the Kajabi Communities app.

Commercial Completion Certificate

There’s a special kind of feeling that you get when you make something beautiful and put it out in the world. But sometimes it can be a little hard to put yourself out there and let the world know that, when it comes to fabric design, you’ve got the goods and you mean business. That’s why, when you complete our drawing-to-digital textile design course, we'll send you a personalised Commercial Completion Certificate, signed by doyenne of the industry and our founder, Longina Phillips. So, you not only get industry-recognised skills, but you also get a certificate to put in your CV or graphic design portfolio to show potential employers you’ve been trained by the best.

Longina Phillips Designs studio is loved and used by

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Imagine if you were able to…


Paint a new style of motif and explode your potential print sales

because it’s cheap for your clients to produce

Digitise your paintings quickly and cleanly 

and feel confident they’ll print beautifully to fabric!

Fool everyone into thinking you painted more motifs than you did

because with your mad photoshop skills you can manipulate them with skill

Create quick colour variations for instant added value

(customers LOVE being offered an extra look for free)

Draw an anatomically perfect rose that ‘reads’ properly

Never get in another mess (or go to the trouble of importing + cleaning your rose only to find you have to re-paint it!)

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Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for more than 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design.


Zoom is a master painter who's been with the LPD studio for 25 years. Originally from Shanghai, he trained in the traditional gouache application for textiles before working at Chinese printing mills and moving to Australia.

2 Payments

$220/m USD

Budget friendly

  • 10 Videos
  • 53 downloadable pages
  • 1 ready-to-use template
  • Ongoing access to our designers
  • Join our supportive online community
  • Lifelong access to your course

    * Access the second half of the course after final payment

Pay in full and save

$395 USD

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  • 10 Videos
  • 53 downloadable pages
  • 1 ready-to-use template
  • Ongoing access to our designers
  • Join our supportive online community
  • Lifelong access to your course

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Founded five years ago, The Print School is a platform dedicated to helping creatives and emerging print designers boost their skills in an increasingly competitive job market. Part of a working fabric design studio, we thrive on helping designers at every stage of their career level-up their skills, connect with the business side of digital textile design and gain the confidence to create inspired designs that make the industry want more.

Our studio, Longina Phillips Designs, has been in operation for over 30 years, so we well and truly have the runs on the board. As one of the top five working textile studios in the world, we sell to over 2000 clients across 35 countries spanning every corner of the globe. We work with leading fashion and lifestyle brands like Prabal Gurung, Givenchy, Anthropologie, Sheridan and so many more. Our designs have been showcased on catwalks around the world, featured on the cover of Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, and even spotted on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Kerr.

With our digital textile design course, Longina Phillips Designs textile designers (some of Australia’s most experienced and revered) develop your drawing, painting and design skills to an advanced professional level, giving you the edge you need to succeed. You’ll be exposed to current, highly relevant tips and techniques used in the industry of textile fashion designing today, and you can trust you’re learning from the best. We’re so excited to share our skills with the next generation and can’t wait to see what you create.

We poured our time, money and collective expertise into this course and we KNOW you will notice a difference in your designs in a matter of weeks (when you put the work in!).

If, for some reason, this course doesn't meet your expectations we offer a 100% refund on your investment, within 30 days of purchase.