Learn to paint tropical leaves in this versatile 'flat' gouache style.  

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With this mini-course you will...

Demonstrate Your Versatility

Add this extra string to your bow and diversify your print collection or custom design offering. 

Come Away With Design Staples

The tropical leaf is used over and over in print design and never goes out of style. Mix it with other motifs or use alone. 

Attract More Business

This popular painting style will break you through to new markets and new potential customers. 

What is 'Flat' Gouache?

It's a technique that involves the layering of pre-mixed colours to build beautiful dimension. The application has clean strong lines, and colours are defined. The style is a fabric design staple, having been used in Hawaiian shirts and women's fashion apparel for many decades.

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East Sussex, GB

"This was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the tutorial. I'd love to see how these are treated in photoshop and pulled through to a final print :)"


Menomonee Falls, WI

"This is a great tutorial! Wow, Zoom is truly a master painter. I look forward to future instalments of this studio series."


Sydney, NSW

"This was an eye-opener and great insight on how to get that detailed look and easily. Now I can apply it to other mediums like markers."

The mini course designed to maximise your versatility.


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5 Lessons (Total: 27 Minutes)

Watch Zoom, our master painter in action and follow him every step of the way.

Printable Instructions

Refresh your memory offline at any time with our five-piece instruction booklet.

3 Ready-to-Use Templates

Trace our leaf shape templates for a quick start.

OngoingĀ Support and Development

Receive support from senior designers and connect with other students through the Kajabi Communities app.

Get Industry Recognised skills 

with a personalised Commerical Completion Certificate


  • How to mix your colours
  • How to create dimension with tone (where to apply your lights and darks keeping in mind the direction of the light source)
  • Advanced brush work
  • Screen printing practices

  • When to stop painting


Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for more than 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design.


Zoom is a master painter who has been with the LPD studio for 25 years. Originally from Shanghai, he trained in the traditional gouache application for textiles before working at Chinese printing mills and moving to Australia.

 The Print School was founded five years ago by Longina Phillips Designs Studios out of a need for industry-specific textile tutorials. Both our customers and Instagram followers (you guys rock) expressed an interest in learning creative skills from our leading designers. And here we are!


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If, for some reason, this course doesn't meet your expectations we offer a 100% refund on your investment, within 30 days of purchase.


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  • 5 Lessons
  •  Leaf templates
  • Printable Instructions
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