Learn everything from scanning to creating a final colour separated fabric design pattern.


Learn industry skills direct from a world-leading fabric print studio, Longina Phillips Designs.

With This Course You Will...

Boost Your Photoshop Skills

Create a watercolour-based print like a pro, using some of our best digital tricks.

Speed Your Process

with industry tips and time-saving techniques.

Learn the Finishing Steps

Produce an industry standard Colour-Separated Artwork.  Ready for production.

Everything you need to know to create a digital watercolour fabric print, ready for production.

Forget the guessing games, the scrambling for info, and the 'am I doing this right' self doubt. Create a digital watercolour print design from start to finish, in step with our commercial studio.

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What Will You Learn?

> Scan and clean your motifs

to produce fast, high quality results.

>  The secret to joining multiple scans of hand painted art

without having to cut and paste, or lose subtle watercolour effects. 

 > Learn to adjust colour without sacrificing your painting

using a variety of techniques for elements that pop.

> Discover the secret to a great layout

with tips for a flowing, flattering end design.

> Create colour ways with a mix of functions

including hue/saturation and replace colour.

> Complete that all important colour separation

for industry standards.

> Get yourself out of trouble 

with our problem-solving page for common mishaps. 


Brooklyn NY

Being self-taught I've always been on the hunt for courses that can help me advance my skills, taking this course felt like hitting the jackpot.



Creil NL

"It's clearly defined for the textile design industry and I receive only essential and condensed information I need to make my designs look professional."

7 Videos

Our experienced designers, Charis and Katrina walk you through the ENTIRE digital process from scanning to creating colour separations.


> Tools, Shortcuts & Glossary

> Chapter 1: Scanning Your Paintings

> Chapter 2: Colouring your Elements

> Chapter 3: Separating your Elements

> Chapter 4: Designing Your Layout & Composition

> Chapter 5: Creating Colourways

> Chapter 6: Colour Separating your design

> Chapter 7: Troubleshooting & Final Design

Total Run Time: 1hr, 24mins


13 Bonus Lessons

Build on the course syllabus with a host of related articles. Create a tile pattern, avoid 'brother and sister' prints, design for the home market, and so much more! 


1. Make The Most of Your Home Scanner

2. Watercolour Flower Cheat Sheet

3. Why You Should Avoid Your 'Siblings'

4. How to Create a Strong Second Colourway

5. Separating Watercolour Elements 

6. Create a Tile Pattern (Part 1)

7. Create a Tile Pattern (Part 2)

8. How to Index (and Save Your Clients Money!)

9. Correcting Colour Families

10. The Secret to Sourcing your Colour Palettes

11. Fail-Safe Foliage: Designing With Tropical Leaves

12. The Power of Negative Space

13. Designing For Home: 5 Essential Tips

44 Pages of Printables!

Our textbook is your Photoshop bible. Follow it along as you work through the video.

Plus! Talk To Us Anytime

From the private Facebook group you can contact our senior designers for feedback, Photoshop help and career advice. Connect with other designers and make lasting industry connections. They're super supportive and you'll fit right in.


Katrina is a senior textile designer here at LPD. She has worked at the studio for 11 years. She studied a BFA at COFA majoring in drawing and painting before turning her hand to textile design. 


With nine years' of industry experience, Charis is one of our most senior designers. She studied Fashion and Textile Design at Uni before moving to the US to join the fashion teams of two behemoth retailers.

Develop a watercolour print design with your personal stamp.

All you need are one or two hero watercolour flowers (in full bloom with larger heads), some smaller flowers and supporting foliage. 

Don't have any ready-made motifs?

Paint the perfect set with our course, Watercolour Florals for Textile Design. 


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Turbo-Charge Your Skillset

Learn production-ready colour separations.

This technical process limits the amount of colours in your design to prepare it for screen printing.

Screen printed textiles are more economical to produce than digital, so you'll give yourself serious cred (and hire-ability) with this trick up your sleeve.


So long lost edges! From now on you'll keep the pale parts.

We love this painting style for it's flowing colours, it's pale sections and lost edges. But without the right tricks, a scanner will not play nicely.

See how to best import the subtleties and retain them in your design.

Create stunning flowers INSIDE Photoshop!

Forget completing perfect flowers at your art table. Paint it in parts and assemble it digitally!

This cheaters guide will speed your process and free your style in spades.


If you want to uplevel your design work and quickly get on par with the pros then...

We say, YES!

IF you are committed to forging a career in textile design and are prepared to put in the WORK. The modules outline every step of our Photoshop process so you can stop wasting time on out-dated techniques and incorrect advice. This is your chance align your process with Longina Phillips Designs, one of the world's most successful textile design studios.

The Print School is part of a working fabric design studio! You'll be exposed to current, highly relevant tips and techniques used in the industry today. 

Our studio, Longina Phillips Designs, has been in operation for over 30 years so you can trust you're learning from the best.


Longina Phillips is loved and used by:

We poured our time, money and collective expertise into this course and we KNOW you will notice a difference in your designs in a matter of weeks (when you put the work in!).

If, for some reason, this course doesn't meet your expectations we offer a 100% refund on your investment, within 30 days of purchase.


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  • 13 Bonus lessons
  • 44 Pages of printables
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