Say Goodbye to Design Stress: Top Planning Tips for Print

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Ever struggle to get your fantastic print idea to the finish line? Read our top tips on design planning, and never feel lost again.



Let's get straight into it. First thing you need to do before starting any surface design project is to look at the markets for print design. Why is this important? Well it's about having a clear vision and understanding of what you're designing before you even put pen to paper. Just sitting down and randomly making stuff is hard. You might find yourself stuck, unsure of what design direction to take or what decisions to make. Without a vision in mind it's so easy to get lost. So here are some key things you should consider.

A Muse

Think about someone you imagine wearing your design or using your design.

Having a specific person in mind can really help guide your creative choices. Maybe it's someone you admire for their personal style or ethos.

A Product

Maybe you're passionate about a particular type of product. For example, if you love the beach you might want to design some cool swimwear.

Visualizing this can really help focus your ideas. If you fancy yourself an interior designer make creating something for a bed.

Think about designing something unique and beautiful. This can be a fun and creative challenge that keeps you focused.

A Season

Know if you're designing this for summer or winter it will dictate the types of motifs you draw and the colors you use. 

A Trend Board

Or you can do what we do and use a trend board put together by our Creative Director. Pick one from the latest drop of Print Pattern Forecast for a clear idea on color technique and even scale. Grab your subscription at this link.

Whatever it may be, make sure this idea is at the front of your mind and keep it there. Otherwise you'll get caught down a million rabbit holes and never find a way out. Trust me, having a clear vision will make your design process so much smoother and more enjoyable. So there you have it. 

Before you start your next surface design project take a moment to think about your Market, your Muse or your Product. It'll save you so much time and frustration.


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